Leah Zahner

How To Do a Side Plank

Leah Zahner
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Duration:   1 mins

The plank is a great exercise for strengthening your core. But what about the muscles on the sides of the torso? Then side planks have got you covered.

Step 1

Lay down on your side, bringing one forearm to the floor with your legs straight out behind you.

Side Plank 1

Step 2

Lift up into position. Your shoulder stays over your supporting elbow and your hips will stay stacked over each other.

Side Plank 2

You’ll notice right away that you’ll feel a squeeze in your obliques that are positioned directly above the floor while holding the side plank. If you find you can hold a side plank easily on one side and barely at all on the other, then there’s an imbalance you’ll need to work on.

Some common problems people run into when working on the side plank are:

  • – Balancing on the sole of your foot instead of the side. Balancing on the side of your foot will increase the length in which you can hold the pose.
  • – Swaying happens when you are not engaging your core.
  • – Keep your head and neck straight. Find a spot to lock your eyes and hold it throughout the pose.

The longer you can hold this pose the stronger your core becomes. A strong core will help to avoid back injuries and increase your overall balance and stability.

Working side planks into your exercise routine will improve your bowling performance. From the start of the approach to the finish, you’ll have what it takes to increase your average and overall enjoyment.

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