Leah Zahner

How To Do Bicep Curls

Leah Zahner
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Anytime you pick something up, you use your biceps. The rigors of bowling demand a lot from your arms. From picking up a heavy bowling ball to carrying throughout the approach and releasing the bowling ball, bicep strength is vital for bowling success.

Bicep curls work the muscles in the front of the upper arm and lower arm; the brachialis and brachioradialis. Doing bicep curls will train the muscles in your arms correctly, bracing with your core muscles. When selecting a weight to work with, select one you can control, not one that controls you. Remember, it is important to strengthen both arms equally, not just your dominant arm.

Step 1

Standing tall, start with dumbbells in both hands and slide your arms in front of you and turn your palms up.

Curls 1

Step 2

Next, Bend the dumbbells up towards your chest and lower back down. It’s important to be in control of both ranges of motion on the way up and back down.

Curls 2

Variation 1

Continuing to stand tall, flip your palms from the up position inward and lift the numbers on the dumbbells up towards your chest. Lower them back down remembering to control both ranges of motion.

Curls 3

Variation 2

For this variation, start with your palms up and rotate your palms inward at the top of the exercise. Next, rotate your palms back to the original position as you lower your arms to the starting position.

Curls 4

Variation 3

Finally, with your palms facing up, lift one arm up and bring it back down. Switch arms continuing the exercise.

Curls 5

Some common mistakes to avoid while doing bicep curls:

  • – Avoid using your shoulders and torso. The goal is to use your arms.
  • – Your elbow should not move during these exercises. Keep them quiet and close to your body.
  • – Try not to go too fast and too far. Take your time.

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