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How to Do Dumbbell Lunges

Leah Zahner
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Duration:   1 mins

A lunge is essentially a big step forward. When you add free weights such as dumbbells, this adds additional work for the quads and glutes. Dumbbell lunges require you to be comfortable and able to remain balanced doing a basic lunge before adding free weights to the exercise.

Having healthy quads helps maintain balance and adds mobility, which is just the ticket for the physical rigor bowling requires on the body.

Step 1

Choose a weight for the dumbbell lunge that allows you to continue doing lunges in good form.
You will find yourself using excessive weight if you tip forward or backward when doing the dumbbell lunge.

Step 2

Stand up straight with dumbbells in each of your hands, hanging your arms to your sides. With your palms facing your side, spread your feet about shoulder-width apart.

Lunge 1

Step 3

Take a step forward with either leg until the front thigh is almost parallel to the ground while keeping your arms straight. The other leg is bent at the knee and balanced.

Lunge 2

Try not to let the knee of the leg you are stepping forward with go past your toes.

Step 4

Return to your starting position and repeat the exercise with the other leg. A good number of reps for this exercise is 8 – 12. Doing 2 – 3 sets per workout.

Common Mistakes

Some common mistakes include extending your knee past the toe during the lunge. This can lead to knee pain. If your stance is too close, you will put more emphasis on your knees, missing the target areas of the exercise. The back knee needs to be in line with your body and be pointed towards the floor. If your knee points inward or outward while doing the dumbbell lunge, injury is possible.

Make sure you check out more lunge exercises from National Bowling Academy to improve your balance and posture on the approach and at the finish position.

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