Hank Boomershine

Important Bowling Coaching Tools for Every Instructor's Kit

Hank Boomershine
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Duration:   3  mins

When it comes to coaching a bowler, there’s much more you can do as an instructor than simply observe and critique. Becoming a better coach is similar to becoming a better bowler in that the process requires certain bowling coaching tools. To truly be effective as a coach, i.e. to make the appropriate adjustments and impart the right wisdom, you should bring along a kit of essential tools that you can utilize in training to get the most from your bowlers. In this lesson, we teach you about some of the basic bowling coaching tools all instructors ought to have in their arsenal.

Adding necessary bowling coaching tools to your bag

A good coach is absolutely invaluable to any bowler serious about taking the next step in their development. Whether it’s minor adjustments in the approach or a total overhaul of the technique, proper coaching can make all the difference. That’s why all instructors should have the proper bowling coaching tools at their disposal, because it’s vital to make the right changes and implement the right drills when you notice something that needs to be corrected or improved.

To help you figure out the best bowling coaching tools to include in your instructor’s arsenal, we introduce some of our favorite essential bowling coaching tools and talk about why they’re important to developing any kind of bowler. There are certain bowling tools that are must-haves for all coaches, such as a favorite bowling book that you can cite and turn to for advice, or basic hand tools for making changes to a ball’s surface and grip.

Other bowling coaching tools can be used to help simplify bowling training with inexpensive at-home drills. Nerf balls, tape and hoops make for great bowling coaching tools to train release, footwork and posture, and they won’t break the bank! Discover how to best implement these and other bowling coaching tools when working with your bowlers, and learn how to help them get the most out of their training sessions.

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