Scott Pohl

Improve Accuracy: Balance Arm Training

Scott Pohl
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Duration:   2  mins

The balance arm in bowling is your non throwing arm. It provides stability when delivering the bowling ball. When your right arm comes forward to release the bowling ball, your left arm has to come back. Your shoulders are your aiming bar and they need to remain as stable as possible throughout your shot.

In this premium video, Scott Pohl, owner of On Track Pro Shop, explains how keeping your thumb facing down towards the approach through your shot will aid in shoulder stability and improve your shot repeatability.

Uninvolved Balance Arm

When your balance arms thumb is up throughout the shot your balance arms shoulder will go backwards. You will lose leverage throughout the release and targeting will be inconsistent.

Balance Arm Training 1

If you let the balance arm hang throughout the shot with your thumb up, your bowling arm will dictate too much causing you to pull down on the bowling ball because you won’t have resistance from the non-bowling arm that helps keep your bowling arm swing straight and loose. You have to have motion and counter motion with your aiming bar.

Involved Balance Arm

Your balance arm’s thumb needs to be pointed down throughout the shot to keep your shoulders stable. The shoulder stability results in good leverage and balance in the finish position. Your accuracy down lane will increase and scores will go up.

Balance Arm Training 2

One-Step Drill

Drills are a great way to break down areas of the physical game that happen in fractions of seconds throughout a bowling shot. The one-step drill helps to become comfortable with this technique.

Keep your balance arm in front of your body with your thumb down to allow the ball to swing naturally from the backswing through the release.

Balance Arm Training 3

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