Dan Triske & Doug O'Bryant

How to Improve Your Bowling Style

Dan Triske & Doug O'Bryant
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Duration:   4  mins

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” Charles Caleb Colton said. With the PBA and PWBA tours televised regularly, along with today’s social media reach, bowlers often find themselves imitating a pro’s bowling style.

In this video, silver level coaches Dan Triske and Doug O’Bryant explain the pros and cons involved in trying to mimic your favorite bowling style.

Pros to Copying Bowling Style

Junior and collegiate bowlers have something the rest of us don’t, youth. Youth allows for greater flexibility to change in the sport of bowling.

This demographic has the most opportunity to reinvent themselves and their bowling style.

For the rest of us, reinvention of our game is somewhat limited by our age and ability.

That doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for improvement.

Working and improving on areas of your game that can make you more fundamentally sound, will increase your average.

Cons to Copying

Junior and collegiate bowlers that get hung up on trying to be something they’re not have the opportunity to change their bowling style, but should they?

If your body and build aren’t similar to the bowler you are trying to emulate, likely you are not going to get where you want to be and create more problems in your game.

If you find yourself against making changes because your favorite bowler doesn’t do it that way, this is a problem.

For bowlers aged 30 and above, trying to emulate the new rookie phenom that is making TV shows isn’t a good idea.

If you find an area in their physical or mental game that you would like to incorporate, this is a great way to add versatility to your game.

Every bowler has their own unique bowling style that is all their own. Own it.

The best in the world still practice and work hard to improve. Ask yourself, “How bad do you want it?” and go out and get it.

Check out more bowling styles in our video, “Bowling Styles From Around the World” and don’t forget to train your mental game with our video, “Mental Keys for Your Bowling Game”.

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