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Improve Grip Pressure with Wrist Exercises

Leah Zahner
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Duration:   1 mins

In bowling, it’s important to have strong wrist and forearm muscles for continued success. Wrist exercises improve wrist strength, which helps increase ball speed and rev rate along with counterbalancing the repetitive motion of the bowling release.

It sounds counterintuitive, but having a stronger wrist will aid you in limiting your grip pressure on the bowling ball, providing a better release and a stronger hook. Wrist exercises like this can be done with a dumbbell, soup can, or weighted ball.

Step 1

Place the weight in your hand with your palm facing up:

Wrist 1

Step 2

Next, grip the weight:

Wrist 2

Step 3

Then flex and release your wrist. Try to repeat this at least 15 times:

Wrist 3

Step 4

Finally, flip your wrist so your palm faces down towards the floor. Then extend your wrist up towards the ceiling. Repeat this 15 times and switch hands:

Wrist 4

Flexion is bending your palm down towards your wrist, and extension is the action of extending your wrist up towards the ceiling.

Bowling’s repetitive motion can cause the muscles in the wrist and forearm to strain. Wrist exercises such as this will help build stamina in these areas, allowing you to bowl more games comfortably and confidently. If you find yourself in pain while throwing the bowling ball, wrist devices are a great way to hold the wrist in place and take away some of the tension created by the weight of the bowling ball.

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