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Every bowler, beginner and professional alike, has their own bowling personality. Where they release the ball, what their target is, how they attack the pocket — each component of a bowler’s game adds up to make a unique personality.

According to bowling coach Mike Dias, assessing your bowling personality can be extremely important for determining the parts of your game that can be improved and how you should go about doing so. Because self-assessment is so essential for advancing your game, Mike developed a system that helps bowlers of all skill levels create a detailed bowling profile. This bowling profile allows players and coaches to take a closer look at a wide range variables of their stroke — from axis point and rev rate to spare shooting accuracy and speed versatility — and then make adjustments for optimal improvement. In this lesson, we teach you how to create your own bowling profile and use the data you collect to hone in on specific variables of your game and improve your average.

Filling out your bowling profile

Most beginner and even intermediate bowlers don’t realize how much each variable in their bowling stroke affects the outcome of their game. Whether it’s a higher rev rate or decreased speed, everything about your stroke determines how you find the pocket and navigate changing oil conditions. With that idea in mind, coaches Stephen Padilla and Mike Dias show you how to create a bowling profile that will help you to better assess the components of your game to figure out where and how you can improve.

With an in-depth bowling profile, you can discover vital things about your game, such as your most comfortable and effective ball speed for competition, as well as what your base spare shooting accuracy says about your bowling personality. Once you’ve analyzed your bowling profile and figured out where you need to make adjustments, you can utilize proper USBC coaching and expert bowling instructional videos to finetune your game and up your average!

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