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Increase Your Revs

Scott Pohl
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Do you want to improve your rev rate? If you call yourself a bowler, then you probably thought this was a rhetorical question. Increased rotation of the fingers helps the thumb exit out of the thumbhole faster. The fingers will be at the bottom or underneath the ball during the release.

In this premium video, Scott Pohl, owner of On Track Pro Shop, walks you through the stationary drill, which takes the rest of the approach out of the equation, allowing you to dissect just the release with this drill at the foul line.

Thumb and fingers out at the same time

Your ball rolls end-over-end when your thumb and fingers exit out of the bowling ball at the same time.
This limits your rotation and needs to be avoided when attempting to maximize the revolutions you impart on the bowling ball. However, this rotation can be useful when throwing at spares.

Normal hand position

A key to a good release is remembering not to try so hard to make the bowling ball hook. Sounds counterintuitive, but it’s true, less is more. Relax your fingers in the bowling ball, and do not squeeze. Do not come over the top of the ball as you release it, this will make it spin, not hook.

30º – 45º degrees of rotation is considered to be a normal release. The thumb exits the ball first, and you can see the increase in revs immediately.

Cupped wrist and Bent Elbow.

By cupping your wrist, your hand is located further underneath the ball. At the point of the release, this will create more revs. Bending your elbow will help create a whipping motion and add even more power to your game.

Check out “Axis Tilt and Axis Rotation: Bowling Release Adjustments” and “Advanced Release Techniques” to learn more about the release and how it can improve your game.

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