Managing and Preventing Bowling Knee Pain

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Minor aches and pains are bound to happen when you’re bowling consistently and for extended periods of time. However, some injuries are preventable and can be limited by making minor changes to your technique, posture and footwork. For instance, many bowlers of all ages complain of bowling knee pain at the end of a game or practice session, and they assume it’s just something they have to put up with.

Well, the fact is that bowling knee pain doesn’t have to be a recurring issue; all you need to do to prevent it is adjust the way you approach the lane. In this lesson, we teach you how to manage your bowling knee pain by keeping your slide foot and knee aligned as you release the bowling ball.

How to limit bowling knee pain

More often than not, when bowlers say they experience bowling knee pain, it’s happening in their slide leg. And that’s no fluke, there’s a reason why bowling knee pain occurs most commonly in the slide knee. To help you figure out the proper way to avoid bowling knee pain, bowling coaches Rod Ross and Kim Terrell-Kearney talk about some of the things you should look for if you start to notice those nagging pains creeping into your slide leg, including twisting of the knee and your toe pointing in the wrong direction

As is the case in most sports, you can avoid common bowling injuries by practicing proper technique. Rod and Kim introduce a few simple changes you should make during your bowling approach to take stress off your knee and ensure your body is properly aligned upon release. They recommend that you practice good bowling techniques for a solid stroke, which will naturally help to limit bowling knee pain and sure up your balance and posture. Don’t just accept bowling knee pain as something you have to deal with; make the necessary changes to improve your technique and develop a more solid bowling stroke!

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2 Responses to “Managing and Preventing Bowling Knee Pain”
  1. David Moncino
    David Moncino

    How do stop yourself from either opening up your shoulder and throwing the ball in the gutter and pulling the ball left??? I am a right handed bowler and I stand by left gutter and throw first ball over 2nd arrow

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello David,

      Look at your initial alignment to help correct this “gutter and pulling” pattern. If you’re standing by the left gutter and throwing at the 2nd arrow (from the right) you’re trajectory is almost directly toward the gutter. Pulling the ball back to correct a steep angle if often the case.

      Align your bowling shoulder toward multiple targets, perhaps the 2nd arrow and the 6 pin and bowl along that line, or one similar, to learn to adjust your launch angle appropriately.

      Look for videos on targeting and alignment in the Bowling Academy to help with your set up and execution.

      Find a coach for analysis so they can keep up with your game regularly. The “Find A Coach” feature of is one of the best ways to locate a certified coach in your area. Visit and use the “Find a…” tab in the top right corner to locate the “Find A Coach” feature, enter your zip code and a radius then click “search.”

      Thanks for continuing with the Bowling Academy.

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