Leah Zahner

Lateral Leg Raise

Leah Zahner
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Duration:   1 mins

Bowling’s finish position requires a good knee bend to help achieve balance and stability. This needs to occur every time you throw a shot for success in the sport of bowling.

The lateral leg raise, also known as the fire hydrant exercise, improves functional strength in the hip flexor and hip abductor muscles. Strengthening these areas is difficult. Your hips naturally like to be in a contracted position. No matter your level of expertise, this exercise is difficult to do and it’s supposed to be.

Strengthening your hips and abs helps to prevent injury in your knees, lower back, IT band, and hips. In this premium video, Leah Zahner, Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), walks you through each step of the lateral leg raise.

Step 1

Begin by stabilizing yourself on all fours.

Lateral Raise 1

Step 2

Make your back flat by engaging your core. Picture yourself as a table and someone puts a glass on you; the glass will stay on you without sliding off.

Lateral Raise 2

Step 3

Remaining stable, lift one knee off to the side, hold for brief pause and then return to your starting position.

Lateral Raise 3

This movement creates an external rotation in your hip. This is what moves your knee throughout the exercise. When your knee is lifted in the air, you will feel your body weight shift from palm to palm. Engaging your core is what keeps you stable and balanced.

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