Launch Angle Bowling Tips

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Launch angle is very important when it comes to analyzing a bowler’s game. Coach Randy Stoughton discusses a tool used to measure launch angle, as well as tips for changing your launch angle. Modifying launch angle can help a player who is transitioning from house shot leagues into sport leagues.

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2 Responses to “Launch Angle Bowling Tips”
  1. Viswanath Sundar
    Viswanath Sundar

    How to understand the numbers which showed in the screen for launch angle? and we are using specto please give some examples with the values to understand the launch angle. thanks

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Viswanath,

      Launch Angle is the angle in which the ball exits your hand initially at the point of release. It’s measured by Specto in the front of the lane (first 10 feet) and the number that’s displayed is the calculated measurement by the sensor. The displayed number is measured in degrees and zero degrees would be the ball traveling straight down the lane.

      If the number has a negative sign in front of it, ex: -2.1 it indicates that the direction of the angle is toward the bowlers ball side gutter. So -2.1 for a right handed bowler means the ball traveled toward the right gutter 2.1 degrees through the front part of the lane. If the number is positive the direction would be from right to left (toward the left gutter), for a right handed bowler, through the front part of the lane.

      When using Specto to read launch angles look for consistency from shot-to-shot as an indicator of swing direction being the same with each shot.

      Thanks for continuing with the Bowling Academy,

      Stephen USBC Video Subscription