Leah Zahner

Modified Squat with a Heel Lift

Leah Zahner
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Duration:   1  mins

Falling off your shot at the foul line? Ball speed decreasing? Squats are your answer. Squats help build leg muscles while improving core strength and posture. This exercise gives you the most results for your time, so understanding the fundamentals of the squat are essential.

After you’ve mastered the traditional squat there are many ways to modify the exercise that helps keep your workout routines fresh. Some bowlers have trouble doing squats because their calf muscles are tight and their ankles make the exercise strenuous.

In this premium video, Leah Zahner, Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), will explain how to incorporate a heel lift into a squat that will both help alleviate calf tightness and aid in keeping proper squat form.

Step 1

Place two weights on the floor behind you and a box in front of you.

Mod Squat Heel Lift 1

Step 2

Lift your heels up onto the weights with your feet, hip width apart.

Mod Squat Heel Lift 2

Step 3

Put your hands above your head and hinge forward with your upper body, landing your hands on the outside edges of the box.

Mod Squat Heel Lift 3

Step 4

Bend your knees while keeping your heels on the weights. Get as low as you can.

Mod Squat Heel Lift 4

Step 5

Now that you are at the bottom of the squat position, raise your arms up off of the box and squeeze your lower body muscles as you rise back into your starting position.

Mod Squat Heel Lift 5

Each rep you will increase your range of motion, resulting in smoother motion throughout the squat. As you get comfortable with the exercise, move your heels lower until you no longer need the weights and box.

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