Must Have Bowling Accessories for Tournaments

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When heading to a tournament, packing your tournament bag with multiple balls and different bowling accessories is crucial to being prepared for various types of lane conditions you may encounter. Bowling coach Stephen Padilla discusses some of the balls that may come in handy. Whenever you are getting ready to go to an event, don’t take the same tools if you’re going to see a different environment. A new event requires that you plan ahead of time and make sure you have the right equipment.

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3 Responses to “Must Have Bowling Accessories for Tournaments”
    • Customer Service Techs

      An Abralon pad is used to alter the surface of a bowling ball. Abralon comes in a variety of different levels, 180, 360, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000 grit. The pads are rubbed against the surface of the ball to change the balls motion on the lane. The lower the number used the rougher the surface of the ball becomes and typically the sooner and smoother the balls overall motion. The higher the number the smoother the surface and typically the longer the ball goes down the lane before its motion.

      Surface changes to bowling balls are reversible and should be considered routine maintenance as needed. Abralon pads are easy to use and can have a large effect on the overall motion of the bowling ball.

  1. Bernt

    I’ve seen a lot of videos now how to change the surface of the ball. But, only how to go to a lower grit. It wouuld be interesting to SEE HOW to get the ball back to higher finish! Not only hear “how easy it is”. Seeing is beliveing…


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