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Must-Have Bowling Accessories for Tournaments

Scott Pohl
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Preparation is a must for success in tournament bowling. In this free video, Scott Pohl, owner of On Track Pro Shop, explains bowling accessory options to consider for your next tournament.

Abralon Pads

Having the ability to make your bowling ball hook the way you need it to is a must for tournament success. No matter the coverstock, dull or shiny, adjusting the surface on the bowling ball will help you strike earlier in your competition and keep you striking throughout; making these a must have bowling accessory.

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Shammy Pad

Removing the oil on your bowling ball in between shots is important to keeping it at the desired surface to remain competitive. A shammy pad absorbs more oil than an everyday towel and they last somewhere between 300 – 400 games.

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Wipes come in a pre-packaged bag allowing you to remove dirt and oil from your bowling ball after the competition. They help keep your bowling ball tacky, just like when you purchased it.

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There are different cleaners for different coverstocks. Get the specific cleaner that matches up with the bowling ball you are maintaining.

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KT Tape

Aches and pains occur over multiple games of bowling. KT Tape helps alleviate the wear and tear bowling can have on the body.

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Protective Tape

Protective tape is applied to your fingers and thumb, not into the bowling ball holes. This helps avoid cuts and calluses.

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Rosin Bags

Depending on the climate you are bowling in, rosin bags can help you grip the bowling ball better and help create a consistent feel when releasing the bowling ball.

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Bowlers Tape

From slide tape to grip tape for your thumb and fingers, these are a must-have for every tournament bowler.

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Check out “Bowling Accessories 101” and “When to Use a Wrist Brace and Thumb Tape” to learn more about bowling accessories from National Bowling Academy’s expert coaches.

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