One-Arm Rows with a Bench

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Duration: 1:37

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Throwing a heavy bowling ball repeatedly requires good upper body strength. Pulling instead of pushing (pressing) yields bigger results when attempting to strengthen your back, shoulders, and arms.

One arm row isolates these areas and in this free video, Leah Zahner, Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), explains that working one arm at a time with a knee on the bench engaging your core makes it easier to isolate the upper body muscles than an upright row.

Step 1

Standing sideways to the bench, take one knee and kneel on the bench.

One-Arm Rows 1

Step 2

Hinge forward pressing your hand into the pad of the bench. Press down into the floor with your supporting leg, keeping your knee soft.

One-Arm Rows 2

Step 3

Reach down and pull the dumbbell up into your starting position.

Keys to the starting position are:

– Flat back
– Shoulders square and even
– Abs engaged

One-Arm Rows 3

Step 4

Squeezing your shoulders blades together pull the dumbbell up towards your chest. Hold for a moment and control the return back into the starting position.

One-Arm Rows 4

10 – 15 reps is the goal. If you are unable to control every rep, lower the dumbbells weight. The key is to stay in good form, over time you’ll be able to increase the weight of the dumbbell. Remember to do both arms to avoid imbalance.

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