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Overhead Tricep Extension with a Dumbbell

Leah Zahner
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Duration:   1  mins

Improving your upper body strength will help you become a better bowler (and you can also hand out tickets to the gun show). The Overhead Tricep Extension is done while standing, so although the primary focus is on the arms, your core will be engaged throughout the exercise helping improve your balance, posture, and stability.

Step 1

Start with your feet shoulder width apart anchored to the floor. Lift the dumbbell with both hands straight overhead.

Tricep Extension 1

Step 2

Holding the dumbbell tightly with your arms extended straight overhead, bend your elbow keeping your biceps near your ears and then squeeze your triceps to extend the dumbbell straight overhead.

Tricep Extension 2

You’ll notice a stretch in your triceps as you bend your elbows and a contraction in your triceps as your pull back up.


Taking one hand to the dumbbell and placing your other hand to your side, repeat the exercise using just one hand.

Tricep Extension 3

Common Mistakes

Arching your lower back is a common mistake when first learning to do Overhead Tricep Extensions. Try to keep your abs and glutes engaged and you will avoid this error.

Choosing too heavy of a dumbbell will create strain and imbalances throughout the exercise. Start small and work your way up while perfecting this exercise.

Drifting of the elbows outward can be another sign that your dumbbell is too heavy.

If you have a longer format tournament on the horizon or you’re just looking to get better performance out of league night, the Overhead Triceps Extension is a must for better arm strength.

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