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Picking the Right Bowling Ball for a Long Oil Pattern

Hank Boomershine
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Duration:   8  mins

In the same way it’s necessary for a golfer to choose the right club for each shot, it’s imperative for a bowler to understand which of their bowling balls is ideal for a specific lane condition. Today, we line up a bowler and look at the effects of a variety of her balls on a long oil pattern.

First things first, when you work your way through your arsenal and analyze their paths, you should always begin by throwing your benchmark ball a number of times from your favored starting position, taking notice of consistent patterns. On the long oil pattern, is it hooking early, late or right on time? How is it entering the pocket?

Once you’ve determined the patterns and tendencies of your benchmark ball, grab another ball with a different core and maybe a different surface. Again, throw a few shots with this new ball, adjusting your starting spot according to how you notice the long oil pattern affects your shot. Continue this practice method for each bowling ball in your arsenal to get a clearer sense of how your shot develops.

After you’ve worked on a long oil pattern, try a shorter pattern. By being aware and figuring out what all the balls in your bag will do with a variety of patterns, you can train yourself to have greater control over your game. As always, bowling is a game of inches and quick decisions. The world’s best bowlers are constantly aware of what their particular shot and every bowling ball change will do on any kind of pattern. It just takes practice and a full understanding of your equipment and yourself as a player.

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