Scott Pohl

Playing Outside: Hi-Rev Player

Scott Pohl
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Duration:   2  mins

The lane conditions dictate how bowlers create the shape of their shot. Every bowler has a comfort zone on the lanes, and higher-rev bowlers generally find themselves playing on the inside part of the lane.

In this premium video, Scott Pohl, owner of On Track Pro Shop, outlines three different options hi-rev players can choose from when faced with the need to make a move that requires them to throw the bowling ball straighter.

The setup

Hi-rev bowlers need to close their shoulder angles when trying to play straight down the lane.

Hi Rev 1

This is a key component to changing the ball’s motion to more of a checkmark (straighter) as opposed to the letter J (down and in), which they are more custom to playing. So it all starts in the stance.

Using less hand

Most bowlers naturally release the bowling ball around 45º of axis rotation. Decreasing the rev rate requires you to change that angle from 45º closer to 0º.

Hi Rev 2

Less hand, flattening your wrist, or weaker release are terms bowlers throw around to achieve this.

Faster ball speed

Hi-rev players already have a faster ball speed to combat the amount of revs they impart onto the bowling ball.

Hi Rev 3

Less hand and adding ball speed is a great choice for hi-rev bowlers if the lanes are transitioning.

Weaker Bowling Ball

If you notice the bowling ball hooking too early, changing to a weaker bowling ball that has a shinier surface will extend the skid phase, getting the bowling ball to stay in the friction longer before making its turn towards the pins.

Hi Rev 4

All of these options allow hi-rev bowlers to stay in the friction longer, which results in the ball going further and straighter down the lane while controlling the backend reaction.

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