Proper Bowling Approach Steps

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Duration: 9:26

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Bowling is a sport of cause and effect. To nail the finish, you have to have nailed the pushaway. Likewise, if you mistime your swing or take a wrong step in the approach, you’ll also misfire at the point of release. That’s why it’s important to trace your stroke back from the second you let go of the ball to the moment you get settled into your stance, and practice technique and speed for every stage of the approach. Make sure your bowling approach steps are on target, your speed and balance are precise and your body is aligned with your launch angle throughout the entire approach. Once you’ve improved the start, you’ll see improvement at the finish.

Before we teach you how to work on each of the bowling approach steps, let’s review. Cause: Perfect the approach. Effect: Create a stronger, more consistent finish. That’s an effect we all want, right? Then let’s figure out how to perfect the approach.

Perfecting Bowling Approach Steps for a Repeatable Stroke

When it comes to bowling, the first step really is a doozy. Your approach begins the instant you push the ball away from your body, and the movement you make with that initial arm swing affects every stage of the stroke that follows. With this in mind, bowling coaches Rod Ross and Kim Terrell-Kearney demonstrate what they consider to be some of the most important bowling approach tips for an improved finish. We’ll help you trace your stroke backward to discover how your body should look after each of the bowling approach steps, which will in turn create a more consistent, powerful stroke with proper technique.

Regardless of your style, if you want to improve your bowling approach and set yourself up for the best possible finish, you have to perfect each of the bowling approach steps one by one, focusing on balance, speed and the shape of your body’s core in relation to desired launch angle. This is especially true of the pushaway and crossover step, both of which can be quickly honed when you practice some very simple footwork drills.

Let’s go over it one more time: Better bowling approach steps create a better finish and a more repeatable stroke. In other words: improve your approach, improve your score. Yes, it really is that simple.