Hank Boomershine

Quick Fix for Bowling Shoulder Alignment

Hank Boomershine
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Duration:   3  mins

Most of the time when bowlers consistently miss the mark, they change a number of things in their stroke to try to get back on track and find their target. This pattern often leads to more inconsistency and drastic changes to an otherwise good stroke. What they may not realize is that it tends to be the simple aspects of the bowling stroke that make the biggest difference.

One such aspect is bowling shoulder alignment. When your shoulders aren’t lined up correctly with your target, it’s difficult to hit your mark with much regularity because your ball is not travelling the same line every time. That’s why, when watching you bowl, many coaches will emphasize proper bowling shoulder alignment, because if you can’t get your shoulders square to your target, you stand a good chance of missing high or away shot after shot. In this video, we teach you what it means to your swing to have your bowling shoulder properly aligned, and then use a demo bowler to show how exactly to achieve that.

Getting your bowling shoulder in line with the target

Oftentimes young bowlers and first-timers are taught to keep their chest parallel to the foul line in order to throw the ball straight. But the fact is, that line of thinking is just plain wrong. If your target is 6 inches right of center and you settle into a good bowling stance 4 boards left of center with your chest parallel to the foul line, it’s hard to imagine you’ll have any success finding the pocket with consistency. Our guess is when you do this regularly you’ll almost always miss the pocket high.

Now, we can solve this issue of poor bowling shoulder alignment with one simple movement of your non-ball hand. The key is to align your bowling arm swing with your target before you take your first step. To do this, our bowler uses a basic drill to show exactly what happens when you go from not lining up at all to squaring your bowling shoulder to your target. Test it out for yourself, and see how it goes. We think this tiny little fix can make a massive difference in the way you approach the lane.

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