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Sanding Pad Technology

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Sanding pads are vital for success when faced with challenging lane conditions. There are many different brands of sanding pads to choose from. Each brand has multiple grit numbers associated with their sanding pads and each number affects ball motion on the lane differently.

In this free video, Ronald Hinkland Jr., CEO of Creating The Difference, demonstrates with two of the exact same bowling balls (new out-of-the-box without holes drilled in them) the differences between TruCut Sanding pads and other popular brands.

Sanding Pad 1 (2000 grit)

Ball 1

Hinkland used a popular brand with 2000 grit on a brand new DV8 Turmoil 2. He then used a Jayhawk bowling ball scanner to see exactly what surface is on the bowling ball.


It should be 2000 grit, right?

Result 1

The result was an average of 3428 grit around the surface of the entire bowling ball.

TruCut Sanding Pad (2000 grit)

Ball 2

Hinkland then took another brand new DV8 Turmoil 2 and used a 2000 grit TruCut Sanding Pad on it. Using the same ball scanner, he got an average result of 1987 grit around the entire surface of the bowling ball.

Result 2

How does this impact your game?

The TruCut Sanding Pad is going to give you a more aggressive performance over a 6 – 8 game block. Because the other sanding pad is starting out at a higher number grit, over the course of a 6 – 8 game block, your bowling ball will have a weaker performance.

Other sanding pads use multiple passes on a bowling ball by starting with a lower grit sanding pad (500 grit) and then a second pass with a higher grit sanding (3000) to get an average that is close to the desired result.

TruCut Sanding Pads are the only sanding pads on the market today that give your bowling ball the surface that is stated on the sanding pad. This makes for more reliable ball motion that you can count on.

Check out “How Do I Put Surface On My Bowling Ball?” and “When Should I Use Surface on My Bowling Ball?” to learn everything you need to know about utilizing sanding pads in your game.

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