Scott Pohl

The Stationary Drill

Scott Pohl
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Duration:   2  mins

What do you do when you struggle with your arm swing alignment, balance at the foul line, and release? In this Premium Video Scott Pohl, owner of On Track Pro Shop, walks you through the stationary drill and what to look for to correct the above-stated problems.

Step by step

Walk up to the foul line and get into your finish position. Your slide foot should be in front of you with your trail leg to the side of you, knees should be bent, and your nonthrowing arm should be to the side of you.

Pick a target on the lane and then bump the ball in front of you to begin the arm swing. Let the ball swing a couple of times before you release the bowling ball. It should be a nice and easy arm swing with your hand behind the ball and your thumb finishing straight through the ball as it exits the release. The ball speed down the lane should be slow.

Too much muscle

Pulling through the shot is a result of using too much muscle. This is a very common issue both when first starting to incorporate the stationary drill into your training session and during competition. What you will see is added ball speed and over-turning the ball during the release.

Try to relax your grip pressure the next time you do the stationary drill, and you should see immediate feedback. Remember, from the start of the approach to the time the ball falls off the pin deck happens in less than 10 seconds.

Getting into a balanced finish position at the foul line while doing the stationary drill will help develop your muscles to understand what is necessary to accomplish good balance after working the steps back into your approach.

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