Establish a Straight Arm Swing with the Ball Start Drill

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Duration:   1:29   mins

How the bowling ball gets started out of the stance is fundamental for a straight arm swing. If you start the ball too far to the right, it will wrap behind your back and you’ll miss the target to the right. The result is the ball not picking up down the lane.

Ball Start Drill 1

If you start the ball too far to the left, the bowling ball will be outside of your head in the back swing and you will pull the ball. This results in the bowling missing the target to the left and likely going high, if not crossing over and missing the head pin altogether.

In this premium video, Scott Pohl, owner of On Track Pro Shop, demonstrates a drill that will help you develop a straight arm swing.

Training Aid

For this example, we used a hockey stick. You can use a yardstick, pool noodle, your hand, or grab a menu from the settee. With a coach or a friend, get into your stance on the approach.

Ball Start Drill 2

How it Works

Standing directly behind the bowler with the hockey stick to the side, have the bowler walk through their approach and throw a shot. This gives the bowler immediate feedback on what a straight arm swing should feel like and look like down the lane.

Check out How To Develop a Straight Arm Swing and Alignment and Swing Trainer for more excerpt instructions about bowling arm swing.

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