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Straightening Bowling Steps with the Tape Line Drill

Hank Boomershine
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Duration:   2  mins

No matter your skill level, you can always improve your bowling stroke. Whether it’s your pushaway, your posture or your release, you should never stop working on some aspect of your technique and striving to become more consistent and more confident with a ball in your hands.

One component of the game all bowlers can stand to improve is their bowling steps, and more specifically the alignment of their steps on the lane. For this, we like to introduce a simple drill to a bowler’s training regimen that encourages straighter bowling steps and a more consistent release. In this quick lesson, we teach you an easy drill that will help improve your bowling steps and hone your angle of attack.

Getting your bowling steps right

For most bowlers, lack of consistency is caused by improper release, which is usually directly attributed to an inconsistency in the approach. One of the easiest ways to improve your bowling ball release is to focus on your bowling steps in the approach. To do so, we have a simple drill that helps you hone your footwork, get your hips out of the way and reach the lane at the same location each and every time.

All you’ll need to improve your bowling steps is a single piece of tape. By placing a strip of tape on the lane and sticking to the line, you can develop and maintain proper bowling stance throughout your approach. This drill trains your bowling steps by both encouraging that all-important crossover step and allowing you to determine how much you’re drifting on the lane as you approach the foul line.

You’ll learn by practicing the tape line drill why drift isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is important to make sure you’re not drifting different amounts with each shot. Add this easy drill to your practice routine and we guarantee you’ll notice an improvement in your bowling steps and overall consistency. We say it all the time, one of the keys to a better average is a more consistent approach!

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