The Importance of Experimenting with Different Bowling Balls

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Many young bowlers show up to their first tournament with just their benchmark ball in tow and hope to make a deep run. But it’s well proven by now that in order to navigate the unpredictable oil patterns and changing lane conditions of a tournament environment, you have to bring along an arsenal that allows you to adjust your plan of attack accordingly.

Different bowling balls experience different reactions on the lane because of the coverstock and core type they employ. And knowing which ball to use on certain conditions with your specific liabilities is paramount for success in tournament play. With this idea in mind, we’re going to teach you the essentials of practicing with and incorporating different bowling balls into your arsenal.

Taking advantage of different bowling balls

The most successful bowlers know when to make the switch from their benchmark ball to one of the different bowling balls in their bag. It’s hugely important to be able to see the right thing on the lane and then adapt. To give you a sense of the benefits of using different bowling balls in tournament play, we talk about the basics of picking the right bowling equipment for your game, including ball-fitting, surface adjustments, and the types of bowling balls that are best for certain players.

One of the keys to selecting different bowling balls is accommodating liabilities in your game. Thus, we discuss how players can take advantage of certain bowling ball types to offset weaknesses, such as slow ball speed. Plus, aspects of different bowling balls like surface finish can be adjusted at any time before a tournament, so it’s highly recommended that you get to know your local pro shop manager and experiment with different bowling balls and their components. With so many options available, you’d be doing yourself a disservice not to try new things for your game!

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