Tips for a Better Pushaway

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Duration:   6  mins

Getting into the rhythm of the swing starts at the beginning with the pushaway. When off, repeatability of shots is next to impossible. Bowling coach Mike Dias identifies common issues bowler’s face when working with the pushaway.

Whether you start too early or late, your balance is off, or your pushing in the wrong direction, Dias will walk you through how to fix any issue you have with the pushaway.

Practice drills can sometimes feel like work, but Coach Dias has developed a scoring system that turns this drill into a competition that adds extra incentive and motivation to complete the drill.

The result down lane is a reflection of what happens on the approach, that’s why it’s important to focus on starting properly.

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6 Responses to “Tips for a Better Pushaway”

  1. Kevin

    The drill seemed like a good idea, but it was for a 5 step delivery. How would you modify it for a 4 step delivery? Do you just do one step and let the ball drop and then repeat this 6 times?

    • Customer Service

      Hello Kevin,

      The drill can be affective in learning to get the ball started sooner and correct the direction into the downswing.

      You got it, simply start the ball on the first step of the four step approach and the timing and results can be similar to the 5 step demonstration.

      Thanks for continuing with the Bowling Academy.

      Stephen USBC Video Subscription

    • Customer Service

      Hello Brian,

      This is a free video. The free videos are available for everyone and that is why you are seeing adds before the video comes up.

      Becky USBC Video Subscription

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