Tips for Reading Bowling Lanes More Effectively

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Duration: 18:34

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One of the two most important parts of becoming more consistent and finding continued success on the lanes is understanding who you are as a bowler. It makes sense that when you discover what your game is made of, you can more effectively assess how your stroke should be adjusted for what’s happening on the lane.

Once you’ve learned as much as possible about the components of your game, the second biggest part of becoming a better bowler is reading bowling lanes. When you’ve discovered the art of reading bowling lanes, you can use what you know about your game to adjust to lane conditions and put your ball where it needs to go. Thus, in order to master the latter, you have to first master the former. So in this segment, we head to Haley’s Pro Shop to demonstrate how getting to know your game will help you better understand what the lane dictates for each shot.

Reading bowling lanes isn’t always a science

Rather, reading bowling lanes a matter of feeling confident in your stroke and believing what you see. To show you what we mean by that, bowling coaches Stephen Padilla and Ron Hoppe break down the four main components of a bowler, and discuss how each component affects the way you should read a lane. To begin, the coaches talk about how aspects of your game such as ball speed and rev rate need to be matched when reading bowling lanes. They explain why you can’t accurately assess how your shot reacts to bowling oil patterns until you can consistently lay down your best shot, with your ideal speed and rev rate synced.

Then the coaches discuss the importance of understand how angular momentum dictates your ball’s hook, and Ron gives you a secret for using ball track to your advantage when reading bowling lanes. By the end of the lesson, you’ll learn how to read bowling lanes based on the unique makeup of your game, and see why constant practice is the only way to get to know your shot perfectly. But always remember this: reading bowling lanes isn’t always a science; if it feels right leaving your hand and you’re tracking the ball’s movements, just believe what you see and give it your best shot!