Tips on Bowling Timing

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Duration:   7:01   mins

Rod Ross and Fred Borden provide tips on bowling timing and express how important it is to practice timing. Learn how to describe your timing and how to determine exactly when your timing might be off. Find out how timings are different depending on the bowler. The different bowling styles each have their own timing of approach, swing and release. Use these helpful tips and techniques to better improve your bowling timing.

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One Response to “Tips on Bowling Timing”


    As an FYI: there are plenty of instructors (and videos and articles) who advise deliveries using a “pendulum” swing, in which a high push-off causes a higher backswing and a faster speed at release, and a low push-off causes a lower backswing and slower speed at release. This advice seems to work well with beginning and intermediate bowlers since it’s simpler.

    The advice in this video seems to be almost the opposite: advising low push-off for high backswing (requiring added muscle) or a high push-off for a low backswing (requiring inhibitive pressure). Maybe this video is directed to more advanced bowlers out to refine their more complex styles, but I thought I’d bring up the issue.

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