Hank Boomershine

Training the Staggered Bowling Stance

Hank Boomershine
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Duration:   3  mins

As is the case in every sport, in order to properly teach new bowlers the ropes you have to establish the basics and build from the ground up. When training youth bowlers who are just finding their footing in the sport, some coaches will let their bowlers jump in and start throwing the ball to get a hang of the feeling. However, if you want your bowlers to implement proper technique and improve with the right fundamentals in mind, they need to first develop a staggered bowling stance.

A well balanced staggered bowling stance involves syncing up a few simple components in the upper and lower body and finding the appropriate release point on the lane, which requires a little bit of coaching and some muscle memory. In this lesson, we teach you how to help new young bowlers settle into a proper bowling stance so they can quickly nail the basics and move on to the tougher stuff.

How to teach the staggered bowling stance

The staggered bowling stance is essential for releasing the ball parallel to your target, and it should be trained at the very beginning of a youth bowler’s first lessons. Once they’ve warmed up a bit and their bowling ball is properly fitted to their hand, the only thing left before throwing the ball is to find their spot on the lane and learn a good bowling stance.

To help you teach the proper staggered bowling stance to new bowlers, Hank Boomershine shows you how to get down to eye level with our young bowler to demonstrate the proper coaching methods and techniques for the ideal staggered bowling stance. You’ll discover how to lay the groundwork for a staggered bowling stance by having your bowler practice without the ball, and eventually hone the technique with a ball in their hands. Utilize these and other of our simple tips for a proper bowling stance and you can make bowling for beginners easy and fun. We guarantee if your youth bowlers begin with the fundamentals and work their way up, they’ll notice drastic improvements in no time!

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