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Two-Handed Bowling: Advantages and Disadvantages

Scott Pohl
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Are you thinking about trying the two-handed bowling style? There has been an impressive body of work by two-handed bowlers over the last decade that supports your curiosity.

In this free video, Scott Pohl, owner of On Track Pro Shop, catches up with Jeff Myers, a convert from the traditional style of bowling to the two-handed game and they discuss advantages and disadvantages of adopting the new style.


Two-handed bowlers have many advantages over traditional bowlers. The obvious advantages are rev-rate and lane play versatility. But did you know there are cost savings for two-handed bowlers?

Myers explains how converting to the two-handed style saves him money in the pro shop, which includes:

– No thumb hole
– No finger inserts
– No tape

One-Step Advantages and Disadvantages 1

Aside from cost, not using your thumb aids in the ability for you to throw more games because of the lack of swelling to your thumb. In addition, there is a more consistent feel to your release because of this.

Myers also finds the two-handed style to be easier on his body. Injury led him to try the style, and fortunately for him, it gave him the ability to continue bowling at a high level.


Spine tilt is more of a concern for two-handed bowlers, Myers explains. He did not expect this to play such a big role when he switched styles.

Advantages and Disadvantages 2

Another challenge is keeping your body open at the foul line to allow for the proper launch angles that are needed for the higher rev-rate. Myers recommends finding a coach to help aid in the transition between styles. You will likely go backwards before moving forwards in your progress, but it will click.

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  1. William Sosnowski

    Another Disadvantage would be that you look like a retard doing it. It's ok though. Weaklings need a way to bowl also.

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