Leah Zahner

Upper Back Stretch with a Physioball

Leah Zahner
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Duration:   1 mins

Do you feel tightness in your upper back and shoulders during or after bowling? Upper back stretches with a physioball is a simple exercise that yields big results for bowlers experiencing problems in their upper back and shoulders.

The body responds to the instability of the physioball helping it to remain balanced. This upper back stretch engages many more muscles than traditional stretches and exercises without the physioball. Over time, the muscles affected improve better balance and strength with physioball exercises.

Step 1

Start seated, crossed legged with the physioball in front of you with your arms extended.

Physioball Back Stretch

Step 2

Reach across the physioball side to side rolling the ball from one hand to another. Each time you rotate, drop the opposite arm to your lap.

Physioball Back Stretch

With every rotation try to extend further than the last while guiding the physioball. This will help stabilize your upper body throughout the stretch. Finally, bring the physioball back to the center to finish.

Many physioball exercises are designed to help move the spine in a controlled manner ultimately helping to nourish the discs. This improves blood flow around the discs by causing water to flow in and out of the discs ultimately ending in relief in the affected areas.

This exercise can be done anytime, anywhere and the results will be immediate. So the next time you feel your upper back and shoulders tightening, try this upper back stretch with a physioball to get some instant relief.

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