Hank Boomershine

Adding Bowling Finger Tape to a Youth House Ball

Hank Boomershine
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Duration:   2  mins

Before beginning to build your arsenal of fitted bowling balls, chances are you started out in the sport learning to develop your stroke with a house ball. House bowling balls come in a range of weights and sizes and are intended to accommodate any type of hand. However, while the house ball is excellent for its versatility, it can be difficult to get a feel for proper technique if your fingers don’t fit well and you can’t maintain a solid grip on the ball.

That’s why bowling finger tape is an essential tool for bowling coaches, especially those who work with youth bowlers. Adding just a few strips of bowling finger tape to a house ball can drastically improve the grip a youth bowler has on their ball and thus the amount of control they gain. In this lesson, we teach you how to apply bowling finger tape to a house ball in order to improve control and help youth bowlers feel more comfortable with the ball in their hands.

Tips for applying bowling finger tape to a house ball

As you progress in a game, your bowling ball and hand are both going to pick up oil from the lane, which will make it harder and harder to maintain grip and control over the ball. To counteract this, you need to find a way to generate friction, and for that we turn to bowling finger tape. Bowlers of all ages and skills utilize bowling finger tape to improve bowling grip to create greater control during their stroke, and it’s especially important for youth bowlers using a standard house ball.

So, to give your bowlers a better grip, Hank Boomershine shows you how to add bowling finger tape to the thumb and finger holes on a youth house ball. You’ll learn the proper placement for bowling tape and discover how these little strips of rough tape help fill the gaps between your bowlers’ fingers and the edges of each hole. Bowling finger tape is a great tool for cutting down on slippage and preventing damage to your bowlers’ hand when using a house ball. We guarantee it’ll improve the way your youth bowlers hold and roll the ball!

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