• 1:31

    Two-Handed Bowling: Timing

    Timing is a series of events that happen throughout a bowling shot. Think of it like a guitar player in a band. If he or she plays their solo at the wrong time, the song suffers. But when played in time, with the right notes and tempo, that song sings. From the stance to the…

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  • 1:17

    Stretching Extensor Muscles with a Physioball

    A strong core provides balance and takes pressure off of the spine. The muscles in your back aid in keeping your vertebrae aligned while building strength in your spinal joints. An engaged core while bowling transfers force and stress through your muscles, helping to avoid unnecessary strain on your back, ultimately avoiding injury. Physioballs are…

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  • 4:34

    Switching to a Two-Handed Bowling Style

    Are you thinking about converting from the traditional style of bowling to the two-handed game? The two-handed game has made a revolutionary impact on the sport of bowling. The higher rev rate that the two-handed game produces opens up more of the lane that traditional bowlers just can’t touch. In this premium video, Scott Pohl,…

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  • 3:21

    Bowling Warmup and Cooldown

    In bowling, being ready to compete when it counts will add pins to your score and can be the difference between winning and losing. A proper warmup enhances your practice time, giving you the ability to evaluate the lane condition and assess how you will attack the pattern you are competing on. A proper cool…

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  • 2:36

    Lining Up Your Shot

    When one thing makes something else happen, it is known as a cause and effect. If your body is aligned incorrectly in the stance, you will miss your target. If you miss your target, you probably won’t strike; the list of causes and effects in bowling are endless. In this premium video, Scott Pohl, owner…

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  • 0:46

    Leg Pull with a Physioball

    Core and lower body strength are essential for bowling success. Leg strength generates ball speed and core strength provides balance and stability throughout the shot. Having stronger hips helps avoid imbalances and injury, not only in the hips but the knees as well. Physioballs are a great way to work more muscles in traditional exercises…

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  • 2:38

    The Fingertip Grip

    There are many different ways a pro shop operator can lay out your bowling ball. In this premium video, Scott Pohl, owner of On Track Pro Shop, explains how a fingertip grip allows the bowling ball to rest more on the palm of your hand, which will help increase rotation and hook as well as…

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  • 1:42

    Versatility Drills: Playing 4 Different Zones

    Finding the breakpoint down lane and observing how your ball rolls through the pins tells the story of your shot. The goal is to play the optimal line to achieve the best entry angle into the pocket. If you’re not playing the best line for the shot you are competing on, it is your decision…

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  • 1:26

    Two-Handed Bowling: Advanced Spare Shooting

    Two-handed bowlers have a higher rev rate than traditional bowlers and knowing this impacts how two-handed bowlers shoot at spares. Watch our “Two-Handed Bowling: Spare Shooting Basics” before viewing this video for core fundamentals on spare shooting. In this premium video lesson Scott Pohl, owner of On Track Pro Shop, explains advanced spare shooting concepts…

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