• 6:11

    Choosing a Bowling Ball That is Right for Your Arsenal

    Beginners and professionals alike know that bowling is a game of inches and minor adjustments. One step to the left or right can have a huge impact on the outcome of a game. The same goes for your equipment — choosing a bowling ball to better attack the pocket at the right time in a…

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  • 6:53

    Judging Your Bowling Technique on a Short Oil Pattern

    In competition, a short oil pattern requires a bowler to approach a game with a different strategy than they would if they were lining up on a longer pattern. The bowler must quickly adapt their game to suit the condition they’re about to face. To be prepared for any type of oil pattern, it’s important…

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  • 8:20

    Picking the Right Bowling Ball for a Long Oil Pattern

    In the same way it’s necessary for a golfer to choose the right club for each shot, it’s imperative for a bowler to understand which of their bowling balls is ideal for a specific lane condition. Today, we line up a bowler and look at the effects of a variety of her balls on a…

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  • 8:04

    Understanding You as a Bowler: Bowling Ball PAP

    Bowling coach Hank Boomershine provides tips on the importance of a ball’s positive access point (PAP) and how to locate it. As a coach, understanding a player’s PAP helps them to understand what type of player they are dealing with, which in turn allows them to offer more individualized coaching instruction.

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  • 7:49

    Common Bowling Training Issues

    Ron Hoppe and Carolyn Dorin-Ballard cover some common bowling training issues that may be keeping a bowler from achieving their best bowling game. Ron touches on the areas that he watches for most in bowlers including footwork, spine tilt and arm swing.

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  • 6:03

    Two-Handed Bowling Tips

    One of the most controversial things in the sport of bowling today is the two-handed bowling style. Ron Hoppe covers the key ingredients to becoming a successful two-handed bowler. Watch as he explains the differences in one-handed and two-handed bowling, and the challenges for two-handed bowlers.

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  • 4:03

    Using Video Coaching to Improve Your Bowling Technique

    Be Your Bowling Coach to Improve Bowling Technique Ron Hoppe shows you how you can practice your bowling technique on your own, to be your bowling coach on your own, using video coaching. Using an ipad, kindle, etc, have a friend videotape you while you bowl. Sending this video to your coach allows them to…

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  • 5:17

    Bowling Pro Shop: Proper Tools

    Del Warren discusses his favorite drill press and the process for measuring/drilling ovals. Replication is key. Getting the thumb hole to feel the same for a customer across all of their bowling balls is very important, and having the proper tools to do so is crucial.

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  • 5:49

    5 Basic Bowling Drills

    Learn about the bowling drill system in place at Webber International University designed to help bowlers improve their game from the time they start out in the program to when they graduate. Del Warren demonstrates some basic bowling drills that contain the key elements in the modern game today and allow them to practice on…

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