• 4:09

    Bowling Fundamentals: What are RPMs?

    Many bowlers are looking to achieve a higher rev rate, or more RPMs. RPMs, or Revolutions per Minute, tell us how quickly the ball is rotating when going down the lane. Rod Ross and Bryan O’Keefe teach you more about RPMs and how they are measured. Watch as different shots with varying RPMs are demonstrated…

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  • 1:35

    Chris Barnes on Setup and Bowling Stance

    Professional bowler Chris Barnes describes each aspect of his setup. The setup includes everything from your grip pressure to stance, and is crucial for being able to repeat shots and brings consistency to your game.

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  • 5:47

    How to Bowl Better: Improving Bowling Accuracy

    Do you want to learn how to bowl better? You have come to the right place! Bowling coaches Hank Boomershine and Assistant Head Coach Kim Terrell-Kearney demonstrate a simple drill to help improve accuracy. Placing tape on the lane provides a target for the bowler to aim at and lets them focus on the process…

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  • 4:17

    Bowling Spares: 5 Ball Drill

    In this video, bowling coach Pat Costello demonstrates to Carolyn Dorin-Ballard the benefits of practicing her five-ball drill. This drill is a helpful and simple way to help your spare game and increase your average. It is best to work on this drill with a plastic spare ball.

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  • 3:41

    Bowling Setup Using the Dominant Eye

    Every bowler has a dominant eye. Bowling coaches Rod Ross and Lou Marquez talk about eye dominance and how it affects the setup. Marquez demonstrates how to determine which eye is dominant, and how to position your setup using that information.

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  • 3:23

    Coaching Tips for Working with Men vs. Women

    Bowling hall of famer Carolyn Dorin-Ballard interviews coaches Del Warren and Randy Stoughton on the physical and emotional differences in coaching men vs. women. Physically, the men tend to be stronger in general compared to the women. As a result, it is crucial that women do the fundamentals and the technique more correctly because they are…

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  • 8:43

    How to Play a Lane Based on Bowling Lane Oil Patterns

    Coaches Rod Ross and Kim Terrell-Kearney explain how the distance of bowling lane oil patterns determine where you play on the lane. Pattern lengths vary greatly, from house to tournament conditions. Learn how to master short, medium and long oil patterns.

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