Avoid Falling Off Your Shot with Proper Bowling Balance

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Many bowlers wonder at one time or another in their playing career why they seem to fall off their shot. When the ball comes off your hand and you can’t maintain balance, chances are you’ll notice your ball missing the target in the direction you fell off. While there’s little mystery to why the ball misses the target when you lose your balance, it’s often unclear why you’re losing bowling balance in the first place.

There are a few different components of your bowling stroke that could be causing you to lose bowling balance, and each can be fixed with a slight adjustment in your technique. So in this lesson, we teach you what’s likely making you lose bowling balance, and talk about some of the changes you might make to your technique in order to maintain better bowling balance at the point of release.

How to maintain better bowling balance

To help you figure out where your shot is going wrong and you’re losing bowling balance, coaches Rod Ross and Kim Terrell-Kearney introduce some of the key components of proper bowling balance and talk about a few ways to diagnose your bowling stroke to avoid falling off your shot. You’ll discover valuable bowling approach tips to improve your balance and stay on line with your target all the way through the release.

In deciding the proper way to sure up your technique and improve bowling balance, Rod and Kim discuss what typically throws bowlers off at the end of their release. You’ll see how different bowling styles require different timing, and learn how to adjust your stroke to sync your downswing with the weight distribution of your upper and lower bodies. Good bowling balance is all about staying centered throughout both your approach and release and ensuring proper control over the ball. Sync up your timing and get your balance right, and we guarantee you’ll never have to worry about falling off your shot!

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One Response to “Avoid Falling Off Your Shot with Proper Bowling Balance”
  1. Hernán

    I think one of the best ways to keep his balance is not do force. Many of the players I have coached gave them the first lesson that this sport is not a matter of strength because all they will get is that the ball the dominate and make them unbalanced