Understanding Lane Courtesy

Duration: 3:50

Lane courtesy is another bowling rule that can be difficult to understand and may differ between leagues and tournaments. Many bowlers have questions on proper lane courtesy when it comes to a tournament setting. Bowling coaches Carolyn Dorin-Ballard and Kim Terrell-Kearney discuss lane courtesy.

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5 Responses to “Understanding Lane Courtesy”
    • Andrew

      if u don’t bowl in our league r they aloud to put u one lane away from league bowlers that r still in league and the other ppl were open bowling

  1. Angie Garcia
    Angie Garcia

    Our bowling center has a few areas where there are supporting posts. These are usually wider than one lane. Should bowlers treat this as a lane to adhere to one-lane courtesy, or wait?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi, Angie. The courteous decision would be to consider the next lane with a bowler on it as the active lane and approach it accordingly. Unless you are told otherwise or it’s affecting the pace of play offer the lane courtesy to the active lanes around you. The interpretation is ultimately up to the league and should be clarified accordingly. Perhaps have them make an announcement during league so everyone’s on the same page. Thanks for continuing with the Bowling Academy.

  2. Jack

    Basically in my house, it is a one lane courtesy. There are two instances when I’ll wait. The first is when someone two lanes away starts their approach further forward because it can be a distraction and the other is when I see by the scoreboard on the next pair of lanes that the bowler two lanes away has opened up with a six or seven bagger, I will wait then as well.