Erik Vermilyea

Quick Tip: Developing a Pre-Shot Routine

Erik Vermilyea
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A pre-shot routine, simply put, is everything that happens before you are ready to take a shot. Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong way to do this routine. However, try to keep it short enough to not take away from the pace of play.

In this Quick Tip, Coach Erik Vermilyea with Track demonstrates his own routine, while explaining its importance.

The Routine’s Importance

A pre-shot routine is home base. It will be the one constant in your game that you can always rely on. Why is this important? If you are practicing by yourself it’s easy to get up and throw shots quicker than you normally would in competition. A routine will help you keep a good pace throughout your practice session.

In pressure situations, like needing a spare to win or that last strike for a 300, require a calm body and mind to be successful. Having a routine allows you to calm down and go through the motions you do for every shot, taking pressure off of your shoulders in these situations.

Erik’s Pre-Shot Routine

All of his thoughts happen in the settee. Ball choice, on lane adjustments, targeting, etc. For Erik, his towel is where it starts. Once he picks up his towel, it’s go time:

1. Pick up towel
2. Pick up ball
3. Wipe ball off
4. Wipe off shoe
5. Step up on the approach and locate target
6. Get set up and take a deep breath
7. Begin approach

Erik's routine

This simple procedure is what Erik does before he steps up to each and every shot.

Do you want to learn more about developing your own routine? Check out “The Importance of a Pre-Shot Routine” and “Bowl Your Best: Develop a Pre-Shot Routine” from our expert coaches to help develop or improve your pre-shot routine.

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