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Generating More Power in Your Bowling Game

Scott Pohl
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Duration:   5  mins

The most commonly practiced aspect amongst bowlers across the board is the release. So it stands to reason that the only way to generate more power is by working on your release, right? In this free video Scott Pohl, owner of On Track Pro Shop, walks you through five different areas of improvement that will help you generate more power in your game.

Knee bend

Bending your knee during the slide and into the finish position generates more power. When you are more upright during the slide, you lose leverage in the finish position.

To achieve your best leverage position, bend your knee during the slide and throughout the finish position. This enables your release to be closer to your slide foot’s ankle, and that will give you better balance and stability during the release.

Athletic position

Being athletically ready in the stance will also aid in generating more power. If you’re standing upright in the stance, you’re likely upright in the finish position, and this results in less power.

Make sure your spine tilt is forward and your knees are bent in the stance. Your shoulders need to be facing your target, and the bowling ball in your hands needs to have the weight evenly distributed.

Slide vs. plant

A heel/toe motion at the foul line is known as planting your foot. This will cause your trail leg to be out of position, creating a pulling motion through the release, causing the ball to crossover at the pins. When your slide is more toe/heel at the foul line, you create a good slide into the finish position.

Arm swing and release

A muscled swing causes a lot of issues. Too much tension makes your arm swing fast, resulting in errant shots. Relaxing your arm swing starts in the stance. Reduce your grip pressure (squeeze), and your arm swing will relax throughout the shot. Less is more when trying to generate more power in bowling.

Balance arm position

When your non-bowling arm, also known as the balance arm, is out of position, you lose power. Out of position includes:

– Thumb up toward the ceiling
– Arm is higher than your throwing shoulder
– Arm is parallel to the approach throughout the shot

Proper position includes:

Thumb down towards the lane
– Keeping your arm as low as you can throughout the shot
– Keeping it in front of you until your power step is planted and when your slide begins. It then slings behind you during the backswing and release.

The next time you go to practice, give these tips a try. This is a lot to comprehend, so we suggest trying one or two of these tips per training session.

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