Scott Pohl

Proper Posture Throughout the Approach

Scott Pohl
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Duration:   2  mins

Upper body posture from start to finish on the approach will tell you a lot about where your ball travels down lane. The angle from your head to your neck to your hip needs to remain consistent throughout the shot.

If your upper body angle isn’t consistent this will affect your launch angle adversely, resulting in the ball missing at the breakpoint not allowing it to get in the roll phase and the bowling balls entry angle at the pins will be off.

In this premium video, Scott Pohl, owner of On Track Pro Shop, demonstrates how rearing back, leaning too far forward and proper spine tilt throughout the approach affect ball motion.

Spine Tilt: Rearing Back

Kali has a lot of weight on her heels. Her upper body angle from the start is incorrect. Below you’ll see how that angle remains consistent throughout the errant shot.

Proper Posture 1

Leverage is lost attributing to a poor release of the bowling ball because of her incorrect posture.

Proper Posture 2

Spine Tilt: Too Far Forward

Setting up hunched too far forward will result in a collapse in the finish position.

Proper Posture 3

Kali’s release again was errant because of her posture resulting in a poor launch angle where the ball misses the breakpoint and never has a chance to get back to the pocket.

Proper Posture 4

Proper Spine Tilt

Your upper body should have a slight bend (10º – 15º Spine Tilt) throughout the shot for maximum leverage on a shot.

Proper Posture 5

Kali’s release is close to her ankle with her fingers leaving below the equator of the bowling ball. She hits her target at the arrows and the breakpoint. The bowling ball gets into a good end-over-end as it enters the pocket and results in a strike.

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