Proper Bowling Ball Weight Distribution in the Stance

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In bowling the stance happens on the approach before you take any steps. How you set up in your stance, directly impacts what your ball is going to do on the lanes and at the pins.

Gold Coach and Bowler Development Lead at Bowlersmart Richard Shockley and Silver Level Coach Dan Triske isolate how to hold a bowling ball and distribute bowling ball weight properly in the stance.

Hand Positioning

In order to get bowling ball weight evenly distributed in both hands, first, we need to get the bowling ball on your hand. Generally, you want to put your fingers in first, then roll the bowling ball onto your thumb.

Finally, cradle the bowling ball in both hands.

Even Weight Distribution

Evenly distributing the bowling ball weight plays a key role in grip pressure throughout the swing and release.

When you evenly distribute the weight of the bowling ball, your bowling hand, forearm, and shoulder remain loose and allows your grip pressure to reduce through the shot.

When you put the majority of the bowling ball weight onto your bowling hand, problems occur like:

  • – Swing misalignment
  • – Timing issues
  • – Injury (fingers, wrist, hand, shoulder, forearm)

With this simple adjustment to your game, you’ll avoid injury and get better ball roll down lane.

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