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Hamstring Stretch with a Box, Door or Wall

Leah Zahner
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Duration:   1  mins

Hamstring flexibility is important in the sport of bowling. You’ll definitely feel pressure in your hamstrings throughout the approach, especially in your pivot step and finish position.

This exercise will help increase flexibility in your hamstrings, helping increase balance and avoid injury.

Step 1

Find a box, doorway or a wall to begin the exercise.

Step 2

Begin by placing your hips as close to the box, doorway, or wall as possible. Then lay flat on your back.

Step 3

Take the leg you are going to stretch and let it rest on the box, doorway or wall.

If this is too difficult, you can modify this by scooting your hips back away from the box, doorway or wall.

Step 4

Extend your free leg forward keeping it as straight as possible. Next, lift it up and try to get it back past the leg that is resting on the box, doorway or wall. Then lower it back down.

You will feel this stretch in both legs. As you lift and lower, you should feel an extra stretch on the leg that is being supported.

If you are doing the modified version of this detailed above and you feel comfortable after a few reps, try to scoot your hips closer to the box, doorway or wall. This will maximize the results of the stretch.

Try to do 15 reps of this exercise on each leg.

There are a number of hamstring exercises for warming up and cooling down. Adding these exercises into your exercise routine will help get you through the rigors of bowling multiple games a day, several times a week.

Check out more bowling exercises that will improve your physical game from National Bowling Academy.

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