• 0:56

    How To Do a Side Plank

    The plank is a great exercise for strengthening your core. But what about the muscles on the sides of the torso? Then side planks have got you covered. Step 1 Lay down on your side, bringing one forearm to the floor with your legs straight out behind you. Step 2 Lift up into position. Your…

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  • 1:07

    Core Stretch: The Extensor Muscles

    Your core is an area of the body that when called upon is expected to perform. If the core hasn’t received a call lately, likely it is weakening and overtime it can lead to injury. Bowling requires the core to be engaged. If you are not regularly working out your core and asking it to…

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  • 1:11

    Strengthening Your Core with the Dead Bug Exercise

    This exercise may look and feel silly. Hence the name. But as far as core exercises go, the Dead Bug Exercise may be the most influential. This ab exercise is a great place to start core training for beginners and experts alike. Bowling is a dynamic motion and this exercise trains trunk stability and is…

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  • 2:33

    Lying Leg Raises to Strengthen Your Knees

    Do you have problems with your knees? If you experience knee pain while bowling, strengthening your hips and legs is a good place to start to alleviate knee pain. Lying leg raises will accomplish this. This video details how to do lying leg raises in four directions geared to help ease knee pain. Lying Leg…

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  • 1:20

    Lower Body Rolling Exercise

    Bowling requires the upper and lower body to work independently from each other. The finish position exemplifies this with your shoulders going in one direction and your hips going in another. A good exercise to train your lower body to work independently from your upper body is the lower body roll. This exercise is done…

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  • 1:04

    Wrist Pronation and Supination Exercises

    Wrist tendons are very strong. Wrist tendons join the muscles and bones of the hand. This connection transfers the energy of the muscles to moving the bones of the hand. Flexor and extensor tendons are the two groups of tendons found in the wrist. Flexor tendons are located on the palm side of the hand.…

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  • 1:01

    Complete Core Workout: Superman Exercise

    Your core consists of muscles around your stomach and the mid/lower back. Crunches are a great way to impact your core but exclude the mid/lower back, an often under exercised area of our core. The superman exercise is done on the floor and has you reach your hands out in front of your head and…

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  • 1:06

    Leg Lifts with a Physioball

    Are you looking to increase hip mobility and strengthen your core? Leg lifts with a physioball knock both out in one exercise. Strong core muscles make it easier to do any physical activity including bowling. By strengthening the core you will see results in balance and stability. With all of this newfound balance and stability…

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  • 1:13

    Shoulder External Rotation with an Elastic Band

    Bowling and shoulder injuries go hand in hand. The majority of shoulder injuries revolve around the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff is a ball and socket joint that allows your arms to move in different directions. If you are dealing with a shoulder injury or just want to be proactive with your efforts to avoid…

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