Leah Zahner

A Variation on the Balancing Leg-Reaches Exercise

Leah Zahner
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Duration:   1  mins

From the first step of the approach all the way to the bowling ball going through the pins, good balance and posture are required to be a consistent bowler. An average bowling shot takes six to eight seconds. There is a strong demand on your body and mind to make a good shot in such a short period of time.

Bowling drills like the one-step drill and the kneel-down drill isolate portions of the physical game that train specific areas on the approach by slowing things down during the execution of the drill. Similarly to those bowling drills, leg reaches isolate and activate muscles in your legs and feet while strengthening them and ultimately increasing balance.

When muscles are balanced, you are less likely to have improper posture throughout your approach and likely will avoid falling off your shot. In this Premium video, Leah Zahner, Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), walks you through a variation of the traditional leg-reach exercise.

Step 1

Start by getting yourself into a stable position with enough room to swing your leg around you.

Balance Reach Variation 1

Step 2

With your support leg strong and the knee soft, raise your swing leg out in front of you.

Balance Reach Variation 2

Step 3

Slowly swing your toe in a circle around your body as far back as you can go and then return forward.

Balance Reach Variation 3

For an additional challenge, return the way you came.

Balance Reach Variation 4

The further you reach your swing leg back, and the further you bend your knee on the stabilizing leg, the greater the challenge will be on your core. This will result in better balance and posture.

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