Leah Zahner

Shoulder Stabilization: Side Lying External Rotation

Leah Zahner
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Duration:   1  mins

It’s no surprise that repeatedly swinging a bowling ball could lead to shoulder injuries. This makes shoulder problems one of the most common injuries among bowlers.

The rotator cuff is made up of muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint. A rotator cuff injury is identified as a dull ache in the shoulder which worsens when you use that arm.

In this premium video lesson, Certified Personal Trainer (NASM) Leah Zahner demonstrates the side lying external rotation exercise that is a stretch that will increase your range of motion.

Step 1

Lay down on the floor on your side and extend your legs out with your knees on top of each other.

Side Lying 1

Step 2

Move your top leg in front of you bending your knee at 90º, rest it on the floor.

Side Lying 2

If you find this position uncomfortable, use a towel or small pillow underneath the knee that is on the floor.

Step 3

Next, bring your palms together. This helps align the spine.

Side Lying 3

Step 4

Finally, open your top arm up and take it back behind you as far as your body will allow. Return by placing your palms back together. Do not lift your bottom shoulder off the floor attempting to extend your reach.

Side Lying 4

At the deepest point of the side lying external rotation exercise, pause and take a few breaths before returning to the palms together position. With each rep you do, you should feel your range of motion increase; and remember to do the same number of reps for the other shoulder to help avoid imbalances.

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