Shoulder External Rotation with an Elastic Band

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Duration: 1:13

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Bowling and shoulder injuries go hand in hand. The majority of shoulder injuries revolve around the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff is a ball and socket joint that allows your arms to move in different directions. If you are dealing with a shoulder injury or just want to be proactive with your efforts to avoid potential injury, adding this shoulder external rotation exercise to your routine will strengthen your rotator cuff.

Shoulder External Rotation Exercise Step 1

Start by sliding an elastic band around your arm and placing it above your elbow, on your stabilizing arm (or pole).

Shoulder External Rotation 1

Step 2

Take the arm that you are working on and place your palm into the band. The palm should face your midline.

Shoulder External Rotation 2

Step 3

Squeeze your elbow into your side.

Shoulder External Rotation 3

Step 4

While holding your upper body still, pull the resistance of the band with your shoulder away from your body (shoulder external rotation).

Shoulder External Rotation 4

Strengthening your rotator cuff will add games to your future. This exercise can be done anywhere, anytime. Check out more bowling exercises and “How To Do Shoulder Elastic Band Rows” to help improve your performance on the lanes and gain overall wellness.