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Hip Flexor Stretch: Alleviating Tightness in Your Calves and Hips

Leah Zahner
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Duration:   1  mins

Bowling can cause tightness and even injury in your calf muscles and hip flexors. That’s why it’s always important to warm up prior to bowling. The Kneeling Stride is a calf and hip flexor stretch that can be done before and/or after bowling, giving you instant relief in those areas. In order to do this calf and hip flexor stretch you’ll need:

  • – PVC Pipe or a broom handle
  • – Yoga mat (rolled up), towel, or swimming pool noodle

Step 1

Start by getting into a kneeling position with your knees both at 90º and your broom handle in hand.

Hip Flexor Stretch 1

Step 2

Place the broom handle in front of your front foot.

Hip Flexor Stretch 2

Step 3

Keeping everything connected to the ground, especially your front foot, hinge forward and hold.

Hip Flexor Stretch 3

The further you stretch, the more you will feel it in both the front calf and rear hip flexor.

Step 4

Begin to rock forward and back. Do 15 of these and on the last stretch hold for 15 seconds before switching sides and repeating.

Hip Flexor Stretch 4

Take your time. It’s important to control both directions, try not to bounce or move too quickly through this stretch.

Incorporating this calf and hip flexor stretch will help avoid injury and improve your range of mobility. For another great stretch to add to your exercise routine, check out “Hamstring Stretch with a Box, Door or Wall,” and learn more bowling exercises from National Bowling Academy for increased success out on the lanes.

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