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How to Do a Rotating Lunge

Leah Zahner
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Duration:   1 mins

Bowling’s finish position requires a lot of strength and coordination to post the shot properly. Posting the shot happens when the slide is complete at the foul line and you remain in a balanced finish position until the ball rolls through the pins and drops off the pin deck.

The rotating lunge requires no equipment and targets these muscle groups:

Primary muscle group

  • Calves
  • Hamstring
  • Quads
  • Side Shoulders

Secondary muscle group

  • Left and right obliques
  • Lats (back)

Step 1

To get started, begin with your feet hip-width apart and parallel.

Step 2

Step one foot forward into a 90° bend lunge.

Step 3

Twist and rotate each side of your core, keeping your shoulders over top of your hips.

Try not to let momentum do this exercise for you. Keeping your shoulders over top of your hips while rotating will keep the momentum from taking over.

Step 4

Return to the starting position, pausing for a brief second, and repeat with the other leg.

When adding this exercise into your routine, make sure you do each side equally to avoid imbalances.

If you experience pain in your knees while bowling, fit this exercise in your routine.

If you are having problems with balance during the finish position, the rotating lunges are just what the doctor ordered.

The core rotation is the added bonus. This will help you remain stable and balanced as the ball exits the pin deck allowing you to gather the information needed to make adjustments before it’s too late.

This dynamic stretch can be done in the settee before practice begins as well as working it into your daily routine. With no added exercise equipment required, this is a go-to exercise for bowlers of all ages and skill levels.

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