Left-Handed Bowling Tips and Strategies

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Who says left-handed bowlers have it easy? Just because they use different parts of the lane to reach the pocket doesn’t mean that left-handed bowlers have it easy. However, while their end goal is the same as right-handed bowlers, left-handed bowlers do have to look out for separate aspects on the lane in order to adjust their play according to changing conditions. Today, we dispel some of the common rumors about left-handed bowling, and we teach you some tips and strategies that you can implement on the lanes to improve your left-handed bowling technique and become a more confident bowler. So without further ado, let’s head for the lanes to see what it takes for a lefty bowler to be successful.

Left-handed bowling training tips

To help demonstrate some of the challenges in left-handed bowling, Rod Ross and Kim Terrell-Kearney assess the technique and thought process that left-handers often face throughout competition. Our coaches talk a bit about the mentality left-handed bowlers must adopt in order to be successful in league play, and then teach you how to read bowling lanes properly to adapt your style and equipment to changing lane conditions. Players who can correctly analyze the tendencies of the lane and make mid-game adjustments give themselves a better shot at staying in the hunt later on.

Left-handed bowling with right-handed bowlers

Also in this video, you’ll discover more about why it can be so difficult in left-handed bowling to accommodate for the patterns of the right-handed bowlers with whom you may share a lane. Because righties and lefties have different angles of attack for finding the pocket as well as overlapping ball paths, it becomes extremely important late in games to know how to read bowling lane oil patterns and determine the correct technique for the moment. This is especially necessary when it comes time to swap equipment, as the right ball change can mean the difference between finding the sweet spot and leaving pins standing.

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